Chef-grade quality and consistency

You demand impeccable quality and so do we. You’ll get the same trim, tenderness, and flavour in each and every cut, so you can rest easy knowing tomorrow’s order will be just as good as yesterday’s.

Personalized service and custom orders

Sure, we can keep up with large-scale meat wholesalers, but we’re a family-owned shop at heart. You’ll always be able to get us on the phone to address questions or special requests. We’re flexible!

Cost-efficient wholesale prices

Like the chefs we work with, we’re all about trimming the fat and maximizing margins. That’s why we strive to deliver the most competitive price points for a variety of meats without ever sacrificing on quality. 

We’re here whenever, wherever and however you need us. 

Butchery and wholesale distribution is in our very blood. For generations, food service establishments have relied on The Butcher Shoppe for the very best in quality products and customer service. 

From start to finish, our dedicated team sees to each detail of your order personally. We hand select the very best meat and poultry from our network of highly reputable farms. Our expert in-house team prepares each order by hand, exactly to your specifications. And we ship every order on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. That’s our commitment to you.

We’re truly passionate about what we do

To us, the details really matter. That’s why we take the extra time and care to ensure our product is peak quality. We age all of our steaks for at least thirty days —  sometimes much longer — which means that your customers will enjoy maximum flavour and tenderness.  We focus on the good stuff, which means less processing and injecting, and much more all-natural, artisanal technique.

We have everything you could possibly need, and if we don’t, we’ll source it for you

We’ve searched both our own backyard and abroad to bring you unique, high quality meats at wholesale prices. From our marquee Australian and Japanese wagyu steaks imported straight from the source, to beef, duck, rabbit, and lamb from local Ontario farms, we don’t buy it unless we think you and your customers will love it.

We source and supply products to fit unique needs and budgets, while always offering complete transparency of sourcing, ingredients and methods. And if you need something that isn’t on a typical product list? We’ll gladly find it for you and make it happen. 

No matter how big or how small, we’re more than happy to work together

From restaurants and hotels, to caterers and banquet halls, to golf clubs and schools, we’re proud to be Ontario’s go-to wholesale meat supplier. There’s no order too big or too small. We’re here to turn your problems into solutions however we can.