The Van Osch Family Farm has been raising cattle and farming crops for over four decades.

It all started in 1978, with Harry and Paula Van Osch, who have since passed down the farming operation and their passion for the land to the second and third generations of their family — with the fourth generation already beginning to learn!

Located in Crediton, Ontario

Located in Crediton, Ontario — a fertile area of Middlesex County — the Van Osch family farm occupies beautiful flatlands that provide plenty of space for their animals to roam freely.

Certified under the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program

The Van Osch family understands that the success of their farm — and their animals — are dependent on the productivity of the land, which is why they do all that they can to operate using socially responsible and environmentally sound practices. It’s their passion and care for the animals, the environment, and the community that sets their process apart. By doing so, they are able to raise incredibly healthy cattle, which is a key contributor to producing delicious, high-quality beef. The Van Osch Family Farm is certified under the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program, is recognized as a Certified Sustainable beef cattle farm, and has an approved Environmental Farm Plan (EFP).

Van Osch & The Butcher Shoppe

The Butcher Shoppe — also a multi-generational family owned and operated business — is proud to partner with the Van Osch Family Farm to develop a supply chain of Ontario Corn Fed Beef.By pairing The Butcher Shoppe’s focus of traditional methods of hands-on artisan butchery and the care that goes into the aging process, with Van Osch’s fantastic quality of farming and animal upbringing, we are able to offer an unrivalled product and experience for our customers.