The Butcher Shoppe and Van Osch Farms have come together to bring delicious, high quality, local beef to chefs and restauranteurs across the province. 

By pairing Van Osch’s fantastic quality of farming and animal upbringing with The Butcher Shoppe’s traditional methods of hands-on artisan butchery and the care that goes into the aging process, together, we are able to offer an unrivalled product and experience for our customers.

Simply put: we’re two families who believe in dedicating extra time, effort and care to ensure that we’re providing the best farm-to-table eating experience for all.


The Van Osch Family Farm has been raising cattle and farming crops for over four decades.

It all started in 1978, with Harry and Paula Van Osch, who have since passed down the farming operation and their passion for the land to the second and third generations of their family — with the fourth generation already beginning to learn!


Locally raised in Crediton, Ontario. Animals are free to roam on open pastures, have individual health records and are of the highest quality cattle breed (Angus).


Naturally fed by grazing on open pastures for 8-12 months before transitioning to nutritionally balanced feed that is grown and harvested on the Van Osch farmland.

Certified under the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Quality Assurance Program

The Butcher Shoppe Difference

A wholesale meat distributor with a passion for artisan butchery 


Artisan butchery with a focus on quality and staying true to the traditional methods. The in-house team of skilled butchers cut every order by hand starting with whole animals straight from the farm.


The aging process for steaks, both dry and wet, happens over at least thirty days — and sometimes much longer — for maximum flavour and tenderness.


The details matter, which is why custom cuts, chefgrade quality and consistency, next-day delivery, and complete transparency of sourcing, ingredients and methods are guaranteed.

Let's Work Togehter

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