Artisan butchery, done by hand

Wholesale butchery is part of our legacy

The Butcher Shoppe is a family owned and operated wholesale meat distributor that goes way back to 1984. Throughout the years, our family has gained experience in all areas of the meat business, but our founding principles remain the same: we focus on quality, staying true to the traditional methods of butchery and offering a personal approach to customer service.

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Meeting your butchery needs

  • Chef-grade quality and consistency

    You demand impeccable quality and so do we. You’ll get the same trim, tenderness, and flavour in each and every cut, so you can rest easy knowing tomorrow’s order will be just as good as yesterday’s.

  • Personalized service and custom orders

    Sure, we can keep up with large-scale meat wholesalers, but we’re a family-owned shop at heart. You’ll always be able to get us on the phone to address questions or special requests. We’re flexible!

  • Cost-efficient wholesale prices

    Like the chefs we work with, we’re all about trimming the fat and maximizing margins. That’s why we strive to deliver the most competitive price points for a variety of meats without ever sacrificing on quality.

Product Offerings

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb

Designed with
you in mind

  • Next-day delivery

    Always completed by our very own delivery team on one of our refrigerated trucks.

  • 24/7 ordering

    Order online at any time. Our customer sales and service team is always available to assist.

  • Cost-efficient service

    We deliver throughout most of Southern Ontario. From the GTA, to Oshawa and Niagara, west to London and north to Bracebridge.

Successful Collaboration

Photo of Martin Family Farmers standing in front of green tractor

Martin Family Farm

Martin Family's fantastic quality of farming and animal upbringing aligns perfectly with The Butcher Shoppe’s traditional methods of hands-on artisan butchery, allowing us to offer an unrivalled product and experience for our customers.

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