Wholesale distribution by seasoned professionals.

From start to finish, our dedicated team sees to each detail of your order personally. We hand select the very best meat and poultry from our network of highly reputable farms. Our expert in-house team prepares each order by hand, exactly to your specifications. And we ship every order on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. That’s our commitment to you.

Artisan quality
at scale

Custom protein programs for your ever-changing menu

We’re a true partner in getting great food on your restaurant’s tables. Looking at your seasonal menu, and our access to unique exclusive products, we’ll work together to ensure that you have the proteins you need to make your restaurant stand out.

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  • Complete transparency of sourcing
  • Order small? No problem at all
  • Rare and unique exclusives
  • Custom cuts, butchered by-hand

Restaurant groups, hotels, golf clubs, casinos and more

We’re a trustworthy and reliable partner with high quality products that we deliver on time and within budget to as many locations as you need. With us taking care of all things meat, you’ll be able to focus on your kitchens and culinary program running seamlessly, offering your guests and customers a fantastic experience.

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  • Plenty of protein options always in-stock at our facility
  • Multi-location and next-day delivery
  • 24/7 ordering and customer service

Schools, hospitals, conferences and more

We pride ourselves on being traditional butchers, which means less processing and injecting, and much more all-natural, artisanal techniques. So whether you’re feeding students, patients or event attendees, we’re here to ensure a stress-free experience with protein options to suit everyone.

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  • Multi-location and next-day delivery
  • Various products options including Halal and antibiotic & additive-free
  • Unique needs? We get it!

Services to
meet your needs

  • Chef-grade quality and consistency

    You demand impeccable quality and so do we. You’ll get the same trim, tenderness, and flavour in each and every cut, so you can rest easy knowing tomorrow’s order will be just as good as yesterday’s.

  • Personalized service and custom orders

    Sure, we can keep up with large-scale meat wholesalers, but we’re a family-owned shop at heart. You’ll always be able to get us on the phone to address questions or special requests. We’re flexible!

  • Cost-efficient wholesale prices

    Like the chefs we work with, we’re all about trimming the fat and maximizing margins. That’s why we strive to deliver the most competitive price points for a variety of meats without ever sacrificing on quality.

  • Next-day delivery

    Always completed by our very own delivery team on one of our refrigerated trucks.

  • 24/7 ordering

    Order online at any time. Our customer sales and service team is always available to assist.

  • Extensive delivery zone

    We deliver throughout most of Southern Ontario. Across the GTA, east to Oshawa, south to Niagara, west to London and north to Bracebridge.

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