Our clients and suppliers make The Butcher Shoppe possible

We’re proud to have built an extensive supply chain of delicious, high quality meat products to service all kinds of kitchens across the province. It’s a true team effort that relies on the creativity and innovation of our chef partners and the eager willingness of our supply partners to push the boundaries of our industry. To us, the details really matter, which is why we take the extra time and care to ensure our product is of peak quality and is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re here to work together to turn problems into solutions however we can.

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Photo of Martin Family Farmers standing in front of green tractor

Martin Family Farm

Martin Family's fantastic quality of farming and animal upbringing aligns perfectly with The Butcher Shoppe’s traditional methods of hands-on artisan butchery, allowing us to offer an unrivalled product and experience for our customers.

A network of highly reputable farms

Global map highlighting the areas that The Butcher Shoppe sources it's products from

The farms that we choose to partner with are an extension of the Butcher Shoppe family. We only work with farmers who share our values, care about the details and who focus on doing things the all-natural way with artisan techniques. Our strong relationships allow us to source and supply the very best meat and poultry products while always offering complete transparency of origin, ingredients and methods.

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